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27 Fantastic Neymar Quotes to Feel Awesome

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, famously known as Neymar Jr. or simply Neymar, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a forward for the Spanish club FC Barcelona and the Brazil national team.

He has been hailed as one of the best players in the world, and his talent doesn’t go unnoticed. Here are some of the best quotes by this amazing player!

About Neymar

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, or simply Neymar, was born on 5 February 1992 and is a Brazilian footballer who plays as a forward for the French club Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazil national team.

He is widely considered to be one of the best players in the world and has been compared to legends such as Pele and Diego Maradona. Neymar began his career with the Brazilian club Santos, where he won numerous trophies, including the Copa Libertadores.

He then moved to Spanish giants Barcelona for a fee of €88.2 million, becoming the most expensive footballer in history at the time. Neymar helped Barcelona win the treble in his first season and was named the La Liga Breakthrough Player of the Year.

In 2017, he joined Paris Saint-Germain for a world-record fee of €222 million. Neymar has represented Brazil at both the 2014 and 2018 FIFA World Cups, winning a gold medal at the latter tournament.

He has also won gold medals at the 2013 and 2019 FIFA Confederations Cups. With 57 goals in 92 appearances for Brazil, Neymar is currently the fifth-highest goalscorer for his national team.

Here are the best Neymar Quotes

Neymar is also very popular in Films & Media. He played himself in the Hollywood blockbuster movie “XXX: Return of Xander Cage” and also played the character of “Monje Joao” in the famous web series “Money Heist.” Let’s take a look at some of the best quotes by Neymar.

1. “This moment, which we are living right now, will pass too. We have to enjoy, enjoy all that we can.” – Neymar

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Neymar is one of the world’s most famous soccer players, and he knows a thing or two about enjoying the moment. After all, his career is full of highlights, from scoring goals in the World Cup to winning championships with his club team.

However, Neymar understands that even the most magical moments eventually come to an end. That’s why he urges us to enjoy every moment while it lasts. Whether we’re watching a beautiful sunset or spending time with loved ones,

Neymar reminds us that life is precious and fleeting. So let’s take his advice and savour every single moment.

2. “I started playing football in a school back in Sao Vicente when I was five years old, going towards six. Those were my first steps, among those kids, and then I kept going.”- Neymar

3. “I only want to be the best that I can be.” – Neymar

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4. “I always do as my heart tells me.” – Neymar

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This simple statement provides insight into Neymar’s approach to life. He follows his heart, and this has led him to great success. It’s an interesting philosophy, and it seems to be working for Neymar.

Only time will tell if he can keep up this level of success, but for now, he is living proof that following your heart can lead to a great life.

5. “Individually, I always want to give the most. I want to help the Brazilian National Team the best way possible, whether is with goals, assists, or even a slide tackle, whatever. All that matters is to help the team.”– Neymar

6. “To play with the best is very easy.” – Neymar

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7. “I am not the type of person who lets the pressure get to him. I try to see it as my friend. I align with it to calm me down.”– Neymar

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Any athlete who has competed at a high level knows that pressure is inevitable. The key is to learn how to handle it in a way that doesn’t throw you off your game. For Neymar, one of the world’s most talented soccer players, that means accepting pressure and using it to his advantage.

By seeing it as his friend and aligning himself with it, he is able to channel the energy in a positive way. This allows him to stay calm and focused, even when the game is on the line. It’s an approach that has helped Neymar achieve great things on the soccer field, and it’s an approach that can help us all deal with pressure in our own lives.

8. “I want to trace my own path by doing the things I have been doing, winning titles, reaching goals.” – Neymar

9.  “Now I’m more behaved, I think it’s age, you get older, more responsible, more quiet. But if I would want to dye my hair, for example, red or blue, be sure that I’ll dye it!”– Neymar

10. “When we’re on vacation – it doesn’t matter where – I will go and look for a game.”– Neymar

11.  “Messi is a great player. Playing against him is not good – it is bad.” – Neymar

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Neymar is not the only one who feels this way about Messi. In fact, many professional soccer players have come out to say that Messi is the best player in the world. And it’s easy to see why.

Messi has an incredible ability to find space on the field and make something happen, even when it seems like there’s no hope. He’s also incredibly fast and agile, making him tough to defend against. As a result, playing against Messi can be a frustrating experience for even the best players in the world.

But despite all of this, Neymar still enjoys playing against Messi. In fact, he has said that it’s one of the things he likes most about being a professional soccer player. So while Neymar may not always enjoy the outcome of playing against Messi, there’s no doubt that he relishes the challenge.

12. “I’m not a spiteful man, never been. I always forgive. The final decision isn’t mine, but God’s. God knows what He does.”- Neymar

13. “The fact I am the most expensive player is not a burden.”– Neymar

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14. “Everything in my life has happened very early. Personally and professionally. I’m always learning: I have to.”– Neymar

15.  “I don’t want to surpass anyone. I don’t want to be better than anyone else.”– Neymar

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16. “The first game is always the most difficult, for the nerves you have before you begin to play.”- Neymar

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The key is to focus on the task at hand and not let the nerves get the better of you. If you can do this, then you will give yourself a much better chance of winning.

So next time you’re feeling nervous before a big game, remember Neymar’s words and try to relax and focus on the task at hand. You might just surprise yourself with what you can achieve.

17. “The secret is to believe in your dreams; in your potential that you can be like your star, keep searching, keep believing, and don’t lose faith in yourself.” – Neymar

18. “You always know what’s best for you.”– Neymar

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19. “There weren’t many options growing up, so I would wear whatever possible. I once saw a little boy wearing Jordan sneakers in a movie… and that made me dream.”- Neymar

20. “Our objective is always to win. Every day, every game, and every competition.”- Neymar

This tells us that he is a determined individual with high ambitions. He wants to be the best and will aim to win everything he competes in. This is an admirable quality as it takes a lot of discipline and commitment to achieve such success.

It is also a good attitude to have in life as it helps you set goals and strive to reach them. 

21. “When we lose, we don’t have to change everything but correct things by working hard.”- Neymar

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22. “I do not like to put one title above the other. Every competition I contest and win is important.” – Neymar

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23. “I have both Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as my idols. If I can take a little of each player’s game and make it my own, I would be very happy,” – Neymar

Like many young footballers, Neymar cites both Messi and Ronaldo as his idols. And it’s easy to see why. Both players are considered among the best in the world, and each has achieved tremendous success throughout their career.

However, what sets Neymar apart is his desire to take the best of both players and make them his own. By combining Messi’s creativity with Ronaldo’s determination, Neymar has the potential to become one of the greatest players of all time. It’s an ambitious goal, but one that Neymar is clearly capable of achieving.

24. “What I think about is my happiness, together with my family. I want us to be happy.” – Neymar

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25. “I try to be myself without being anything different.”- Neymar

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Being oneself is a challenge that many of us face. We are often told to be unique, to stand out from the crowd, and to be different. However, Neymar’s quote reminds us that we should also be comfortable in our own skin.

After all, there is only one of you in the world, and you are exactly who you are supposed to be. Trying to be someone else is not only difficult, but it is also unnecessary.

You have your own special talents and qualities that make you perfectly suited for your life path. Embrace them and let them shine forth. When you are true to yourself, everything else will fall into place.

26. “I just want to be better every day, to get better every day, not to be better than anyone else.”- Neymar

27.  “Individually, I always want to give the most.”- Neymar

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This quote from Neymar perfectly encapsulates the never-ending desire to improve and be the best that we can possibly be. He recognizes that in order to achieve greatness, it starts with giving our all in everything we do.

It’s a reminder that we should never settle for mediocrity but always strive to better ourselves. This attitude is what sets apart those who achieve their dreams and those who don’t.

Let’s Wind Up…

Neymar is one of the most exciting and talked about players in world football at the moment. He has some amazing skills on the ball and a great attitude to go with it.

We’ve collected 27 of his best quotes for you to enjoy, but if you have any favourites that we missed out on, let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!