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Scooby Doo Quotes: The best from the beloved cartoon series

If you grew up in the 1990s, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the Scooby Doo cartoon series. The show follows the adventures of four friends – Shaggy, Scooby, Velma, and Daphne – as they solve mysteries. The characters are beloved for their funny one-liners, and we’ve collected some of the best scooby doo quotes for you here!

About Scooby Doo & The show

Scooby Doo has been one of the most iconic cartoon mascots of all time, capturing the hearts and imaginations of people of all ages. It doesn’t matter if you grew up watching reruns on TV or discovering him for the first time through streaming services; there’s just something about that lovable, mystery-solving dog and his human friends that keeps people coming back for more.

From the very beginning, Scooby Doo has always been a show about exploration and friendship. With each new adventure, Scooby and his crew would explore, uncovering magical creatures and otherworldly forces along the way. And even though they often found themselves caught up in thrilling mysteries, they never lost sight of the importance of friendship and family. Throughout each episode and every season, Scooby taught us that togetherness is what truly matters in life.

And beyond its heartwarming themes, Scooby-Doo was also a groundbreaking cartoon when it comes to representation. Before shows like SAILOR MOON championed feminist ideals by prominently featuring strong female characters like Sailor Moon herself or Chibiusa Tsukino, Scooby-Doo was doing the same thing decades earlier with characters like Daphne Blake and Velma Dinkley. These powerful women were always integral to each adventure, as vital to solving mysteries as their canine companion was. Together with Shaggy Rogers and Fred Jones Jr., these amazing heroines helped to prove that girls could be just as brave (and occasionally messy) as boys could be when it came to solving crimes and vanquishing evil forces.

Overall, Scooby Doo is a classic show that will continue to enchant viewers for generations. If you are remembering your childhood adventures alongside this lovable pooch or experiencing him for the first time through modern media, there’s no denying that Scooby is one of the great cartoon icons of all time.

Here are the best Scooby Doo Quotes

From the very first episode in 1969, scooby doo captured our hearts with its combination of witty humor and delightful characters. Over the years, our favorite mystery-solving dog and his friends have traveled to countless exotic locations and faced innumerable creepy monsters along the way.

Let’s enjoy some of the best scooby doo quotes from the franchise!

1. “I can already taste those chocolate, covered hot dogs.” – Shaggy Rogers

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Shaggy Rogers is one of the hilarious characters from the classic TV show Scooby Doo. Known for his perpetually ravenous appetite and love of chocolate-covered hot dogs, Shaggy is always ready to dive into a new mystery with his trusty sidekick, Scooby. He is often portrayed as a bit clueless and awkward, with an infectious grin and a tendency to speak in slang.

But what really makes Shaggy stand out is his sense of humor. Whether cracking jokes or making goofy faces, Shaggy knows how to keep things light and entertaining even when things get a bit scary. And let’s face it – without him and his trademark catchphrase, “Zoinks!” Scooby Doo just wouldn’t be the same!

2. “Okay, but I need a moment to warm up. Now, I must be absolutely quiet while I work.” – Shaggy Rogers

scooby doo quotes

3. “This day is tied for the most terrifying day of my life, with every other freaking day of my life.” – Shaggy Rogers

scooby doo quotes

4. “In a case like this, Shag and Scoob did exactly the right thing. Let’s scream!” – Fred Jones

scooby doo quotes

5. “Zoinks! It’s the creepy coin collector again!” – Shaggy Rogers

scooby doo quotes

6. “Great, but next time please don’t do me any favors.” – Shaggy Rogers

7. “Some fishing trip this turned out to be. Like not even a nibble.” – Shaggy Rogers

8. “I’m whipped? Oh, yeah? Why don’t you say that to my face, man!” – Shaggy Rogers

9. “Looks like we’ve got another mystery on our hands.” – Fred Jones

10. “Scooby, like wow! Too late! He’s gone to that great boneyard in the sky!” – Shaggy Rogers

11.  “There’s a very logical explanation for all this.” – Velma Dinkley

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12. “Well, whaddya know? A ham sandwich. Wouldn’t you know, it needs some mustard.” – Shaggy Rogers

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13. “Jeez, Scrappy, no need to freak out and try killing all of humanity.” – Shaggy Rogers

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Scooby-Doo quotes by Shaggy

1. “No, Scoob. Friends don’t quit.” – Shaggy Rogers

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In times of challenge and adversity, true friendship is the bedrock that holds you together and helps you push through even the toughest obstacles. Whether you’re struggling with a difficult coursework assignment or facing threats from a supernatural creature (Just Kidding :)), it’s essential to have loyal companions who will stand by your side and support you every step of the way.

By staying true to their friends and never giving up, Shaggy and Scooby demonstrate what makes them such great friends: their strength, resilience, and unwavering dedication. In the end, no matter what challenges life throws at you, good friends will always be there to help you through.

2. “How do you like that? Outfoxed by a mouse!” – Shaggy Rogers

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3. “Creeps and Crawls! They sure picked the right lawyers for this job.” – Shaggy Rogers

4. “Here, double ugly, go buy yourself a new face.” – Shaggy Rogers

Scooby-Doo quotes by Velma

1. “Mystery is my mistress. I must heed her sweet call.” – Velma Dinkley

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Velma is a character unlike any other. When the world around her is rushing blindly toward danger and madness, she remains cool, composed, and in control. Though her outward demeanor may seem unassuming or even apathetic at times, Velma’s sharp mind lies beneath the surface, ready to pounce on any mystery that crosses her path.

Velma has been driven by an insatiable thirst for mystery and intrigue from a young age. Whether solving puzzles or hunting down clues, she lives for the thrill of discovery and rarely passes up the chance to uncover something new. Her passion for unraveling secrets is unmatched; she sees mysteries as her mistress, always drawing her deeper into their hypnotic web with every unsolved riddle or missing clue.

Though Velma delights in unraveling the most challenging enigmas that come her way, she does so with great care and consideration for others. She knows that not everyone shares her passion for uncovering hidden truths, so she works hard to gently guide them without alienating them or making them feel left behind.

In this way, Velma approaches each mystery as an intriguing puzzle to be solved and an opportunity to bring people together. And while some may view her dedication as obsessive or compulsive at times, Velma knows that it’s what makes her who she is-a brave adventurer who never hesitates to embark on a daring quest for knowledge.

2. “We discovered the mastermind is Scrappy, who sadly was taken by evil.” – Velma Dinkley

4. “That’s one fish story no one will believe.” – Velma Dinkley

Scooby-Doo quotes by Daphne

1. “Negativity is mind pollution!” – Daphne Blake

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As one of the stars of the classic TV show Scooby-Doo, Daphne is known for her quick wit and brave spirit. She represents the ideal blend of smarts and athleticism, tackling physical and mental problems with equal skill. Arguably her defining trait is her unyielding positivity, which shines through in every aspect of her character.

Whether racing against ghosts and goblins or simply engaging in small talk with her best friends, Daphne always seems to find a way to infuse everything with a sense of joy and wonder. And while this may make her seem naive or even aloof at times, it also makes her an incredibly inspirational figure.

Daphne’s character projects that optimism can overcome any obstacle in a society that is often overwhelmed with negativity and despair.

2. “Wow, he could still scare me, Professor.” – Daphne Blake

scooby doo quotes

4. “I am so over this damsel in distress nonsense.” – Daphne Blake

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5. “Ooh, wow! They sure picked a creepy enough place to read a will.” – Daphne Blake

6. “Would you do it for a Scooby Snack?” – Daphne Blake

Scooby-Doo quotes by Fred

1. “Fear doesn’t make you a wimp, it makes you human.” – Fred Jones

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Fred is a likable and passionate character, known for his enthusiasm and determination in any given situation. He is loyal to his friends and always willing to put others first, making him the reliable backbone of the Scooby Doo gang.

But despite his good nature, Fred can also be fearful at times, something that he readily admits. However, as he explains in the popular quote above, Fred knows that being afraid is a normal part of being human. Fred understands that fear is integral to who we are and what we experience.

Rather than letting his fears hold him back from taking risks or facing danger head-on, Fred channels his fear into motivation, using it as an incentive to do what’s right no matter the cost. In this way, Fred proves himself to be a true hero in every sense of the word – fearless when faced with adversity yet still deeply connected to his humanity through fear. And for those who find themselves feeling afraid from time to time, this makes Fred a truly inspiring figure indeed.

2. “Well, we saw a very strange character running around out there.” – Fred Jones

scooby doo quotes

3. “Four missing heirs, a haunted house, and a Phantom Shadow.” – Fred Jones

4. “Come on, let’s get out of here while we still can!” – Fred Jones

Let’s Wind Up…

If you’re ever feeling down, just remember that LIFE IS LIKE A SCOOBY DOO MYSTERY. You never know what will happen next, but it always works out in the end. And if it doesn’t work out, you can always depend on your friends (and Scooby snacks) to help you through tough times! What’s your favorite quote from the show? Let us know in the comments below!