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Relationship Goals Quotes for Couples

It’s a tale as old as time – you fall in love, and go on to live happily ever, uh… after? Er, well, sometimes it’s not that simple. Check out our collection of quotes for couples about what “relationship goals” really mean.

Relationship Goals: Quotes for Couples

The honeymoon phase is a real trip. You’ve found someone you really like, and at first it’s hard to think that there could ever be anything wrong with them, or your relationship.

For people in a young partnership, life is like a dream where no one ever rubs you the wrong way, irritates you, disappoints you – a dream where no one gets hurt. 

But then real life sets in. 

As you begin more fully integrating your lives together over time, obstacles appear. Emotions get messy and complex, and sometimes people hurt (or get hurt by) the people they love the most. 

It’s an uncomfortable truth, but it’s reality. The good news is that difficulties in a relationship, if handled with care and consideration, can actually work to strengthen the bond between the people involved. 

Disappointment and pain provide opportunities for us to practice patience, understanding, forgiveness, and selflessness. 

And along with the growth of those virtues, so too grows love.   

A Familiar Story

Literature has been exploring the complexities of love and relationships since its inception, so it comes as no surprise that there is a huge treasury of writing by a range of authors and poets we can look to for advice, empathy and humor on the subject of the heart. 

Check out our collection of quotes and sayings about what it means to love someone in every stage of a relationship. 


So Long, With Love!

Clearly, there’s a lot to say (and write) about love, and a lot to feel. Hopefully these quotes provided some insight and wisdom to those trying to maintain a healthy, sustainable and worthwhile partnership, through thick and thin. 

If that’s not #relationshipgoals right there, then I don’t know what is.