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15 Most Inspiring Pimp C Quotes

Pimp C was an American rapper and record producer known for his work with UGK. He was a hugely influential artist, and many of his quotes are still relevant today. In this blog post, we will be listing some of Pimp C’s most inspiring quotes. These quotes will motivate you to achieve your goals and live a successful life!

About Pimp C

Born Chad Lamont Butler in Port Arthur, Texas, Pimp C left an indelible mark on the world of hip-hop and rap. Best known for his signature hardcore style and gritty, standout verses, he gained massive popularity in the early 2000s as part of the rap duo UGK.

Throughout his career, he collaborated with some of the most famous names in hip-hop, including Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Drake. He also helped launch the careers of numerous other rappers through his acclaimed production work at his renowned label Swishahouse Records.

Despite these achievements, Pimp C is perhaps most remembered for his iconic song “International Players Anthem,” a timeless classic that cemented its status as one of the greatest rap songs ever. This legendary rapper will continue to influence generations through his undeniable talent and unique voice.

Here are the best pimp c quotes

Various rappers like Bun B, Lil Flip, A$ap Rocky & the rapper Megan Thee Stallion have paid tribute to Pimp C in their songs and albums since he passed away. Let’s take a look at some of Pimp C’s quotes:

1. “I’m up early ‘cuz ain’t enough light in the daytime” – Pimp C

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Pimp C understood that success required hard work and dedication, day and night. He was known for rising early in the morning to get a head start on his busy schedule, often working long into the night.

This quote reflects Pimp C’s tireless commitment to his craft and determination to conquer whatever obstacles he might face. Whether generating new ideas, writing and recording music or connecting with fans, Pimp C never let the lack of natural light hold him back.

His relentless energy and drive helped propel him to great success in the hip-hop world and continue to inspire countless others who aim to accomplish their own goals.

 2. “Niggas frown when you up and smile when you down. And when you change for the better, shife fools stop comin’ around.” – Pimp C

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3. “I’m not upset when a person wants to move around, because I want everybody to be happy and I don’t want nobody to feel like I’m holding them in a situation they shouldn’t be in.” – Pimp C

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What Pimp C is really saying here is that freedom does not merely consist of having the ability to pursue any path that one desires; it also encompasses the ability to choose happiness and contentment in one’s current situation.

In other words, true freedom is not about always being on the move but about knowing what makes you happy and identifying the things that hold you back from finding this happiness.

By acknowledging this distinction, we gain a deeper understanding of what it really means to be truly free. And in doing so, we take one step closer to true liberation.

4. “Got a young brown stallion and she  years old/When she pop it from the back you see that hairy asshole.” – Pimp C

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5. “Atlanta is not the South. Atlanta is not the South, gotdamn it, when you go to Atlanta what does your clock say? When you get off the plane from Los Angeles or Texas, what time do it be over there? Atlanta is East Coast time. You niggas ain’t in the South.” – Pimp C

6. “If I wasn’t rappin’ baby, I would still be ridin’ Mercedes.” – Pimp C

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Growing up in the rough urban environment of TX, American rapper and record producer Pimp C had a lot to prove as a young man. Drawn to music from an early age, he channeled his passion into crafting sharp rhymes and skillfully layered beats that resonated with audiences across the country.

His success was hard-won, but Pimp C never wavered in his resolve to make it as a musician. He knew firsthand what it meant to work hard for your dreams, and that knowledge gave him the drive to keep pushing forward even when things got tough.

In reflecting on his success years later, Pimp C said that if he hadn’t been able to pursue music as a career, he would have kept working hard and driving his Mercedes. This quote highlights the power and importance of determination and perseverance in achieving one’s goals.

Whether we are rappers, doctors, teachers, or stay-at-home parents, staying true to our ambitions requires us to keep working despite obstacles and setbacks. And so Pimp C’s words inspire rappers who wish to follow in his footsteps and anyone else who has ever felt discouraged by life’s challenges. Because if we don’t give up on ourselves, nothing can stop us from reaching our full potential.

7. “Flippin’ through the Ave, tryina see some good but everythang is still the same, in my neighborhood. Ni**as frown when you up, and smile when you down and when you change for the better, shife fools stop comin’ round.” – Pimp C

8. “You aint a gangsta because you platinum or you drive a coupe truth of the matter you’s a high dollar prositute you aint from ATL you from Macon.” – Pimp C

9. “I gotta baby, but his mama act like he ain’t mine. Wicked women, usin’ children to live on. Wanna hurt and try to hate, ’cause she know the thrill is gone.” – Pimp C

10. “Boys kickin back layed in tha shade aint nobody trippin cause tha money already made.” – Pimp C

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11. “And even though I’m gainin’ street fame, comin’ from this rap game, lustful thinkin’ and compulsive drinkin’ is a normal thang. Some get erased and mis-placed, tryin’ to win the race. Some try to hold on to they place, by smokin’ wit’ lace.” – Pimp C

12. “If you don’t like me, kill me.” – Pimp C

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One can easily imagine Pimp C standing tall on a street corner or flicking his middle finger at an enemy across the room as he drops this provocative line. In fact, it seems clear from his choice of words that he is not interested in negotiating or compromising with those who challenge him, his response will always be violence if that is what it takes to assert his power and dominance.

Thus, while this quote may seem over-the-top or frightening coming from many people, there is no denying that it perfectly sums up the fierce personality of the famously unapologetic artist behind it.

13. “I remember when a rapper was a go-getter. Now all these rappers is some ho nigguhs.” – Pimp C

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14.  “What you gon do wen tha devil poke you with his fork.” – Pimp C

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Some might see this as a warning against becoming complacent or as an encouragement to stay strong in the face of adversity. But I think that it is actually a caution against allowing yourself to fall into bad habits.

After all, when the devil pokes you with his forked tongue, he is trying to tempt you down a dark path. And if you succumb to that temptation, it can be all too easy to get lost in bad habits and negative thinking patterns.

15. “I wanna live like Arnold, Willis and Mr. Drummond… And keep my paper sturdy, big birds and tight herbs.” – Pimp C

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Let’s Wind Up…

Though his life was tragically cut short, the impact that Pimp C had on American rap music is undeniable. He leaves behind a legacy of incredible songs and memorable quotes that will continue to inspire and entertain fans for years to come. His bold personality and unapologetic attitude made him one of the most respected artists in the rap game, and he will be missed by many.