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36 Lil Tjay Quotes: The Best of the Rapper’s Wisdom

Lil Tjay is a rapper on the rise. His music is raw and real, and his lyrics are full of wisdom. He has quickly become one of the most popular artists in the industry, and for good reason.

His lyrics offer insight into the mind of a young artist who is just starting to make it big. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best Lil Tjay quotes from his songs.

About Lil Tjay

Lil Tjay was born on 30th April 2001 in Bronx, New York, United States. He is an American Rapper and Singer.

Lil has been raised by a single mother, He also has two younger brothers.

He was arrested at the age of 15 in a robbery case and had to spend 1 year in the youth detention centre. During his prison time, he started writing “raps”.

In 2016 Lil Tjay released his first song “Resume” on Soundcloud, At this time he was 16 years old.

Here are 36 best Lil Tjay quotes

If you’re a fan of rap music, you’ll love Lil Tjay’s quotes! He has a lot of wisdom to share and his lyrics are top-notch.

1.  “Society has become so fake that the truth actually bothers people”

lil tjay quotes

These days people want to live in their imaginary world, They want to hide their reality. People love to show off! They want to feel like movie stars through social media platforms or through bragging about themselves.

And if someone reminds them of what actually they are the person gets neglected.

2. “Don’t ever let negative energy affect your state of mind.”

lil tjay quotes

You need to stay away from people who always are worried and who always complain, these kinds of people will never allow you to grow. Such people are dangerous for any person who wants to achieve something in life who want’s to do something for his loved ones.

3. “I feel like being true to yourself is always going to keep you humble; it’s always going to make you remember who you are.”

lil tjay quotes

How can you tell yourself to feel like a millionaire if you don’t even have a decent job? Therefore you should be what you are. It’s okay to be ordinary coz only ordinary people can do the extraordinary.

Allow yourself to trust your abilities, You only know what you can achieve and what exactly you are.

4. “We all are fighting different battles. I just pray we all get through them.”

lil tjay quotes

Everyone has problems in their life for some it could be getting a good job, good health, being worried about parent’s illness, not finding a suitable partner for marriage, etc.

It is very much necessary that everyone’s problem should get solved or else this world would become a very difficult place to live. Humanity cannot thrive in Negativity!

5. “I sent my prayers up to father god”

lil tjay quotes

6. “I’m a good-hearted person and my biggest goal is to be successful. That’s really the biggest part about me.”

I’m a kindhearted individual with the utmost aim of being successful. That is, after all, what makes me unique.

7. “I feel like a lot of times when stuff is on my mind, I really don’t show it. I know how to hide my emotions.”

Sometimes we have to hide our emotions from people, As we don’t want to create a situation where we have to explain to the person what we are going through.

8. ” I feel like all my songs slept-on. I’m not complainin’, but I just wanna drop more heat. “

Feels like my songs are not getting enough attention. I’m not complaining, but I just want to release more great music.

9. “Win in silence, let em think you’re losing.”

If you want to win, don’t let them know that you’re trying. Act like you’re losing and they’ll think they have already won.

10. “A lot of time I like to sing music that people can relate to, but not necessarily put them in a depressed mood.”

People get connected with your music when they feel that it contains some part of your life’s story, However, the song shouldn’t make people feel depressed remembering their life’s tragedies while listening to the song.

11. “I want to follow my dreams. I want to make sure that I put myself first and accomplish what I need to accomplish.”

lil tjay quotes

You should do what you want to do in life, Take care of yourself give priority to your health and well-being so that you are able to follow your dreams and full fill them.

12.  “You a part of the reason I’m heartless.”

lil tjay quotes

Today I don’t feel anything, I have become emotionless and the reason behind this change has been you.

13.  “I started seeing how I wanted my story to be told. Going to jail is one of the best things that happened to me. It helped me get my mind right.”

lil tjay quotes

A person understands the actual meaning of freedom inside a prison! Prison life is full of restrictions, Imagine you want to talk to your mother or your father but you can’t. A particular date & time is fixed to meet them and talk to them that too only for 5 minutes. Jail teaches the value of life and small things which we were able to do outside easily but inside the jail it becomes impossible.  Therefore respect what you have you are fortunate enough that you are living in a free world.

14. “Dear god. If I am wrong. Right me. If I am lost. Guide me. If I start to give up, keep me going.”

lil tjay quotes

This is a prayer that asks for help when you are lost or need guidance.

15. “A smile can hide so much.”

lil tjay quotes

If you can hide your emotions with a smile you have the power to confuse people.

16. “Everybody go through something, it’s all about perseverance.”

Everyone goes through tough times. It’s all about how you deal with the situation and whether you give up or keep going.

17. “if you cheat on your girl, you’ll probably snake on your boys. Loyalty is loyalty.”

A person who is loyal to his girlfriend or wife will also be loyal to his friends and will never betray anyone.

18. “Even though I say “you’re in a better place” it really hurts me know you’re gone.”

19. “get your life together on the low, no one has to know what you’re doing and how”

20. “I been removing myself out of people’s lives a lot lately, they don’t deserve me fr.”

21. “ain’t no real love out here, just temporary feelings for beneficial reasons”

lil tjay quotes

22.  “If I’m ever an option, don’t choose me.”

lil tjay quotes

23.  “Don’t show people your plans. Show them your results.”

lil tjay quotes

24. “Remember that you’ve survived all of your worst days”

lil tjay quotes

25.  “If you don’t have time for me, don’t be mad when someone else does.”

lil tjay quotes

26.  “I’m that friend who wait for you to tie your shoe while everyone else keep walking”

27. “I want you, so don’t worry about who wants me”

28. “that fight between ur mind and ur heart ain’t no joke”

29. “some people are very private, If you don’t ask, they won’t say anything.”

30. “we don’t need to talk every day to be friends. If you need me, i got you.”

31.  “I believe god is good, even when life ain’t”

32. “Inspiration is basically just saying how I accomplished my goals or how I am accomplishing my goals.”

33. “Basketball sneakers are for people who want to be comfortable. I rather be uncomfortable and just look nice.”

lil tjay quotes

34. “Stop being around people that bring out the person you’re not tryna be anymore”

lil tjay quotes

35.  “I love talking to you, even if I have nothing to say”

lil tjay quotes

36.  “any friend that turns into an enemy has been hating you from day one.”

lil tjay quotes


Why did Lil Tjay get shot?

I’m here for a reason.” He was shot in Edgewater, New Jersey, in an alleged attempted armed robbery alongside his associate Antoine Boyd.

How many times did Lil Tjay get shot?

Lil Tjay Reveals He Was Shot 7 Times in Botched Robbery – Rolling Stone

How is Lil Tjay doing now?

LIL TJAY has spoken out for the first time since being hospitalized for suffering multiple gun wounds on June 22, 2022. 

Let’s Wind Up…

Lil Tjay is a rapper who has been blowing up recently. He is only 20 years old and his lyrics are inspiring for young people all over the world. He provides hope for a better future and encourages people to work hard for their dreams. 

His music is relatable and he has already achieved a lot at such a young age. We encourage you to check out his music and quotes if you haven’t already, as you will not be disappointed.