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45 Amazing Katrina Mayer Quotes You Will Love

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If you’re looking for some words of wisdom, look no further than Katrina Mayer. She is a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker who has a lot of great things to say about life and business.

In this blog post, we will share 45 of our favorite Katrina Mayer quotes from her speeches and writings. We hope it will inspire you to achieve your goals!

About Katrina Mayer

Katrina Mayer holds a Ph.D. in metaphysics. She is a motivational speaker, writer, and corporate executive and holds the position of interfaith minister.

Katrina Mayer Quotes

Mayer has been the author of “The Mustard Seed Way” and “Wholarian Vision” since a young age; Mayer wanted to be a writer.

Earlier in her carrier, she worked in the Banking & Finance sector. Still, as she wanted to live a simple life and had her dream to become a writer, she quit her job. At present, she lives on a farm with her husband, an author.

Katrina Mayer is a nature lover and still prefers to write with pen & paper!

Mayer’s quotes are often about following your dreams, taking risks, and being persistent. She also stresses the importance of having a positive attitude and staying focused on your goals.

Here are some of our favorite Katrina Mayer quotes:

We hope these quotes provide the solution which you are seeking –

1. “Always be in the process of making a beautiful life.”

Katrina Mayer Quotes

You should always be working on making your existence meaningful, and always continue doing good work irrespective of the situation. Your positive approach and thinking will not only make you happy but also the people around you.

2. “Sometimes, you just have to begin again.”

Katrina Mayer Quotes

There are times when you have to start over, Believe in your abilities and accept the reality and start grinding again. Because if you will keep on regretting the loss it will not lead you anywhere you will get stuck in one place.

3. “When someone tells me I can’t do something, it just makes me try even harder.”

Katrina Mayer Quotes

Accept the challenge, If people don’t believe in your abilities show them what you are made of. Prove the World wrong and show everyone that no one should underestimate you.

4. “The past never has anything new to say, so just hang up.”

Katrina Mayer Quotes

You don’t need to worry about what happened in the past. It doesn’t have anything to do with the present or the future. So just forget about it and move on.

5. “Love where you are as much as where you’re going so you will never miss a moment of the journey.”

Take pleasure in where you are as much as where you’re going, so you’ll never miss a step on the path of your life journey.

6. “The world is a better place because you decided to be gentle and kind.”

Because you decided to be considerate and generous, the world is a better place.

7. “Beginning now is much better than never beginning at all.”

It is always better to start something than to never start at all, At least take the first step, Rest will follow.

8. “Believe in your dreams. They were given to you for a reason.”

Have faith in your goals. They were meant for a purpose.

9. “When you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely.”

Positive thinking is always a good habit to inculcate, A positive individual always radiates great vibes and they also look beautiful.

10. “Love yourself. It’s really that simple.”

Make yourself feel good. It’s actually that easy.

11. “Please don’t hide your inner awesome. The world needs it.”

Don’t underestimate your amazing inner qualities, You never know that they may be needed in the outside world.

12. “Always do what’s best for you. It’ll upset some people, but those who truly love you will always understand.”

Katrina Mayer Quotes

You have to give preference to yourself, It may create a rift between you and your loved ones but those who care for you will always understand and will support you on your decisions.

13. “Gratitude is a wonderful way to draw more beauty into your life.”

Katrina Mayer Quotes

Being grateful for what you have in your life is a great way to bring more beauty and happiness into your life.

14. “Only once you really let go will you realize that you always knew how to fly.”

Katrina Mayer Quotes

You will only be able to fly if you let go of what is holding you down.

15. “The best answer comes to you when you silence your mind.”

Katrina Mayer Quotes

If you are seeking a solution to a problem you need to calm down your senses, As then you give yourself a chance to think logically.

16. “Happiness is the way you show up for life, not the way life shows up for you.”

Katrina Mayer Quotes

Happiness is a state of mind, not a result of external circumstances.

17. “Wear your smile today. It looks good on you.”

Smiling makes you look happy and it can make you feel better, too!

18. “Sometimes, the path can seem a bit lonely. That’s okay. Keep walking anyway.”

In our life sometimes we are surrounded by lots of trouble and suddenly we feel very lonely as no one is there to help us out, These times are tough and take out a lot from us. But that is how life is, It’s better to keep moving forward and be hopeful that further your path shall be filled with happiness.

19. “Don’t put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket.”

You should not rely on other people to make you happy.

20. “We’re not guaranteed tomorrow, but we do have today. Don’t wait to do the thing that is important to you.”

You never know what will happen tomorrow, but you can always do something today that is important to you.

21. “Happy people find possibilities in every situation.”

People who are happy see possibilities in every circumstance.

22. “Let your actions be your story.”

Katrina Mayer Quotes

Whatever you do you should do it in such a way that it defines you, people should give your examples when they need to make someone understand the importance of excellence.

23. “If someone tells you that you aren’t good enough, that’s their problem, not yours.”

Katrina Mayer Quotes

It’s not your fault if someone insults you and says that you aren’t good enough. If you are trying hard from your end but still are not getting the desired result it’s okay eventually you will reach your goal, But don’t lose your confidence if someone yells at you about your mistakes. No one is perfect in this world everyone takes time!

24. “Let your light shine so brightly that others can see their way out of the dark.”

Katrina Mayer Quotes

Be a beacon of hope for others. Let your light shine so brightly that they can see their way out of the dark. You have to be the person whom people can trust and follow. You should be the leader who can make life beautiful for others also.

25. “Live your life like one big THANK YOU!”

Katrina Mayer Quotes

You need to live such a kind of life that people should give you respect, They should feel honored and happy in your presence. Be a good man!

26. “Use your words to lift and inspire. You may just change someone’s world!”

Katrina Mayer Quotes

Words can have a powerful effect on people. Sometimes, all it takes is for someone to say the right thing to change someone’s entire life.

27. “Your teacher can open the door but you must enter.”

How to become successful or a good man can be taught to you but you can only become that once you start practicing the teachings, Only knowing something will not work, you have to take action then only that knowledge can make a difference.

28. “Go within to find all the things you can’t live without.”

Think about what you need in a home before looking. This will help you focus on what’s important and avoid getting overwhelmed by all the options available to you.

29. “There’s no life without challenge or adversity. So we have to decide whether to treat it as a friend or a foe.”

Life will always be full of problems and challenges, But it depends upon you how you see those obstacles. If you see them as an opportunity to upgrade yourself then you will not get perturbed often but if you run from these problems then your life will become full of misery.

30. “I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends.”

When you make friends with your enemies it lessens the number of people who are against you, Which is a good thing for your growth. You have to tell those people who don’t like you for any reason, that you are not against them, You just want to do the right thing.

31. “There are miracles all around us just waiting for us to see.”

There are good things around us we don’t notice at all as we are busy finding out petty things. We are busy finding out opportunities to degrade others to insult others. We never appreciate good things done by people.

32. “Life is short so… Take some chances to visit the mountains, walk on the beach, say “I love you”, hug often, laugh every day, practice unconditional forgiveness.”

We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, How much more time do we have? So it’s better to take out time for ourselves and enjoy nature, do crazy things which make you happy.

33. “Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time.”

Trees are nature’s beautiful gift to us, We always feel rejuvenated whenever we spent time with trees. Therefore it’s never a waste of time.

34. “At the end of the day, the only questions I will ask myself are… Did I love enough? Did I laugh enough? Did I make a difference?”

Katrina Mayer Quotes

If you want to make every day meaningful then you should start asking questions yourself, Did your actions make someone happy or sad today? Did you laugh today? This trick can surely make you a very happening and accountable person.

35. “The echo of a kind word can be heard to the moon and beyond.”

Katrina Mayer Quotes

Kind words can be heard by many people and they can travel far, And people who have kind nature are loved by all.

36. “Little things do make a difference. Can you imagine a world without butterflies?”

Katrina Mayer Quotes

We often reject small things and say that it doesn’t matter, But everything matters in this world nothing is trivial. A sword cannot replace a needle!

37. “What are you adding to the world today?”

Katrina Mayer Quotes

Who are you today? Are you a tired person who has already lost everything in his mind? Are you a person who just does not want to face adversaries? Or are you a person filled with positivity who wants to take on life problems one at a time? Are you the person who is not thinking about the result but want to give his best shot?

Who are you today will decide what you will add to your world and to people’s world who are connected to you.

38. “I love spending time in nature. It doesn’t judge.”

Katrina Mayer Quotes

Everyone is equal to mother nature, It doesn’t discriminate between people, It doesn’t make you feel inferior or superior.

39. “I’m gonna be me because being fake takes too much work.”

Being yourself gives you the ultimate freedom, You no longer have to pretend to be someone else. You can do whatever you want in your unique style. There is no comparison left.

40. “When you learn to love your own company, you become far more careful about whom you spend your time with.”

41. “A smile, a wave, a thank you, and a hug… It’s often the smallest things that make the biggest difference.”

42. “The richest hearts are those that have given love and received love in return.”

You are not a rich man when you have only money you are truly a rich man if you don’t have money but are kind enough to help someone who is in need.

43. “A book is a magical thing that lets you travel to far-away places without ever leaving your chair.”

Books can transcend you into a different world, It gives you wings to travel to a completely new place and meet new people. That too at a very cheap price!

44. “I don’t have time for the people who try to pull me down. I’m too busy thanking the people who lift me up.”

Always follow people who are there to help you or who have helped you in your life, Because they are your real friends. Always thank them for being there when you needed help! Ignore people who do conspiracy against you and try to make you feel bad. As involving with them will fetch you only negativity.

45. “Some of the best things…take time.”

Katrina Mayer Quotes

To taste the best you need to have patience, God is busy in preparing the recipe so that you get the best dish. And best things do take time! So be calm dear friend…..as the greatest thing is coming for you, and it is only for you.

Let’s Wind Up…

As you can see, Katrina Mayer is a source of intelligence and inspiration. She has a lot to share about life, happiness, and success.

In everyone’s life, there is a time when they want to get inspired or motivated; we face many things every day that kind of absorb our energy. These Katrina Mayer quotes are really very helpful in getting your mojo back.

We hope that these 45 quotes have inspired you as much as they have inspired us. What is your favorite quote from this list? Let us know in the comments!