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The 25 Best John Gotti Quotes of All Time

John Gotti was one of the most infamous mobsters in American history. Gotti was the boss of the Gambino crime family and is thought to have ordered dozens of murders. Despite his criminal record, Gotti was a highly charismatic figure and had a large following of fans.

About John Gotti

John Gotti was one of the most notorious gangsters in American history. Born in the Bronx in 1940, he quickly found fame on the streets after joining a local gang during his teenage years. Gotti was known for his larger-than-life personality and fierce determination.

Over the course of his infamous criminal career, Gotti became known as “The Teflon Don” due to his remarkable ability to dodge prosecution. Despite being investigated numerous times by both federal and state law enforcement agencies, he somehow managed to avoid being convicted of any major crimes.

This notoriety eventually earned him a spot on America’s Most Wanted list, where he quickly became a household name among those living in urban centers.

However, while Gotti certainly led an exciting life that was full of danger and intrigue, his story also came to a tragic end. In 1992, he was finally convicted of several serious crimes, including murder and racketeering charges.

And although he fought tooth and nail for many years to avoid serving his sentence behind bars, Gotti ultimately succumbed to throat cancer and died at the age of 61 in 2002. While many Americans were disturbed by Gotti’s violent behavior and unrestrained ambition, few could deny that his ruthless rise from humble beginnings will go down as one of the great tales from 20th-century crime lore.

Here are the best John Gotti Quotes

Gotti has been convicted and portrayed in six TV movies, two documentary series, three theatrical films, and songs. Let’s see what he has to say:

1. “If you think your boss is stupid, remember: you wouldn’t have a job if he was any smarter.” – John Gotti

john gotti quotes

John Gotti was an infamous American gangster and the head of the Gambino crime family. Known for his daring and ruthless nature, he had a reputation for being both feared and admired in equal measure. And although many viewed him as a dangerous and highly intelligent criminal, there was another side to him that many people overlooked: his intelligence.

This quote reveals two important aspects of Gotti’s personality. First, it highlights his arrogance and belief in his own superiority over others. At the same time, however, it also demonstrates his keen understanding of human psychology, showing that he recognized the role that ego can play in driving people’s actions.

Ultimately, this quote speaks volumes about Gotti’s ability to succeed in the world of organized crime and thrive in it. Whether or not you believe in his cause or even admire him as a criminal, there can be no denying Gotti’s remarkable intelligence and savvy when it came to navigating treacherous waters.

2. “I think you’d be better off with a lawyer who has no conflict problems.”- John Gotti

john gotti quotes

3. “Let’s just say the government is telling the truth and I’m the boss, … Let’s just say the government is telling the truth and this guy is the boss. … I would have to tell this guy that I made my son. … This is the government feeding this, punk .”- John Gotti

4. “If I was home I’d throw him off a … building. … I mean that’s the only thing they understand.”- John Gotti

john gotti quotes

5. “I think the brand mark would be sincerity.”- John Gotti

john gotti quotes

6. “Always be nice to bankers. Always be nice to pension fund managers. Always be nice to the media. In that order.”- John Gotti

john gotti quotes

John Gotti was a legend in the world of organized crime, known for his ruthless reputation as the head of the infamous Gambino crime family. Despite his fearsome reputation, Gotti always maintained an air of confidence and control, even in the face of adversity.

This attitude is evident in the famous quote above, which emphasizes his understanding of power dynamics within society. He knew it was crucial to be friendly and courteous to the powerful figures who held sway over the ordinary people, bankers, politicians, and media representatives to manipulate and control others effectively. By keeping these elites happy, he was able to remain at the top for many years, despite numerous attempts on his life.

Thus, while Gotti’s ruthless tactics and fierce temper undoubtedly played a role in his success as a gangster, his ability to curry favor with those who mattered ultimately allowed him to prevail for so long.

7. “I ain’t seen her in seven years, but she’s a doll, a precious little kid.”- John Gotti

8. “If they’re gonna get you, they wanna get you, … And they use Machiavellian technique. The ends justify the means. That’s what this low-life country is all about, John. That’s the reason they have me in Marion.”- John Gotti

9. “I am thankful to finally be reunited with my wife and five children, … I did my time in prison and moved on with my life. I hope and pray that everyone will try to understand that my past is behind me and to please focus on my future and what I do from here on out.”- John Gotti

10. “Don’t ever say anything you don’t want played back to you someday.”- John Gotti

11. “Well we know the whole situation’s full of lies, Dad. That’s just the way it is.”- John Gotti

john gotti quotes

12. “Don’t carry a gun. It’s nice to have them close by, but don’t carry them. You might get arrested.”- John Gotti

john gotti quotes

While John Gotti was well known for his leadership and strategic skills as the head of the Gambino crime family, he also had a lot to say about the tactics aspiring gangsters should use to succeed in the criminal world. In particular, Gotti warned against the dangers of carrying a gun.

He noted that while it may be tempting or convenient to carry a firearm, there is always the risk of getting arrested. This could expose a person’s criminal activities to law enforcement and land them behind bars.

In order to avoid such negative consequences, Gotti instead emphasized the importance of employing more subtle and less risky methods of achieving one’s goals. Whether it was through manipulation, intimidation, or strategic alliances, he believed that smarter and more focused action would help someone become a more successful gangster than simply relying on brute force alone.

Ultimately, Gotti’s quote reminds us that while guns may be necessary in some cases, they can never be the only tool in one’s arsenal. Rather, true success depends on one’s ability to think critically and creatively about their situation and take action accordingly. Thus, it is up to each gangster to figure out which tools will be most effective for them personally to achieve their ultimate aims.

13. “I’m a man’s man. I’m here to take my medicine.”- John Gotti

john gotti quotes

14. “You’re calling the shots around here. I explained to this f—— moron more than two weeks ago, before I got sick.”- John Gotti

john gotti quotes

15. “He’s getting personal, I want to get personal.”- John Gotti

john gotti quotes

16. “My wife was a major obstacle. She said, ‘If you do it, we’re through. We need you in this house.”- John Gotti

17. “He who is deaf, blind & silent, lives a thousand years in peace.”- John Gotti

The quote by John Gotti focuses on the core philosophy of many powerful and successful leaders throughout history: that power often comes down to being silent and invisible while having a keen ability to see and react to what is happening around us.

This way of seeing the world allows us to take advantage of opportunities as they arise and respond quickly to threats without drawing attention or giving away our position. From this perspective, knowledge and speed are power, and those who possess them can expect to thrive for years to come.

Whether this applies to individuals leading powerful organizations or groups maneuvering for power in the criminal underworld, knowing when and how best to act ultimately sets great leaders apart from those around them.

18. “You guys are going to have to do a piece of work for the family.”- John Gotti

19. “I never lie because I don’t fear anyone. You only lie when you’re afraid.”- John Gotti

Let’s Wind Up…

There are many more John Gotti quotes out there for us to explore. The man was a criminal mastermind, and his words hold great wisdom, even if they were said with bad intentions. If you’re looking for some fast-talking, New York street smarts mixed in with a bit of charm, look no further than the late John Gotti.