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33 Hilarious Donald Duck Quotes to Make you Laugh

Donald Duck is one of the most iconic cartoon characters known across the world. For generations, his memorable quips and sharp wit have made him a beloved character. You could be a fan of classic Disney cartoons or newer shows; Donald Duck’s quotes are always timeless and funny.

In this article, we’ll explore some of his most famous quotes from different eras and discuss how their meaning has evolved over time. Donald Duck has everything from sweet words of encouragement to lively retorts!

About Donald Duck

Donald Duck is a cartoon character created by Walt Disney Productions. He is a white, anthropomorphic duck with a yellow-orange bill, legs, and feet. Donald is known for his explosive temper and his comical behavior. Despite his mischievous and hot-headed personality, he is a loyal friend to Mickey Mouse and his other friends.

Donald made his debut in the 1934 animated short “The Wise Little Hen” and has since become one of the Disney universe’s most popular and iconic characters. He has appeared in numerous films, television shows, and video games and has become a beloved cultural icon around the world.

Donald is known for his distinct voice, originally performed by voice actor Clarence Nash. Nash provided the voice for Donald for more than 50 years until his death in 1985. Since then, Donald has been voiced by a number of different actors, including Tony Anselmo, who has been the official voice of Donald since 1985.

In addition to his appearances in animated films and television shows, Donald has also made numerous appearances in Disney theme parks and attractions. He is a popular character for meet-and-greets and can often be found posing for photos with fans.

Donald Duck is a lovable and enduring character who continues to delight audiences of all ages with his mischievous antics and enduring charm.

Here are the best Donald Duck Quotes

Donald Duck’s wit and wisdom have entertained generations of fans who enjoy his outrageous antics. Despite his silly exterior, Donald Duck has some surprisingly insightful quotes that can be both funny and thought-provoking. 

This article will explore some of Donald Duck’s most memorably insightful quotes and discuss how they apply to real-life situations.

“Hi there! Now let’s see, what should I have for lunch today? Heh heh! Some decisions are fun to make!”
– Donald Duck
donald duck quotes
“Need some fashion tips? For me, it’s all about the hat! Whaddya think? Nice, right?”
– Donald Duck
donald duck quotes
“Live each day as if it’s the first day of your life.”
– Donald Duck.
donald duck quotes

The quote speaks to the importance of making each day count and living mindfully with gratitude, joy, and intention. While this quote has been widely shared for decades, many may not understand its full message.

This saying suggests we should approach every new morning like an opportunity to start again. We can leave our worries from yesterday behind and start afresh with positive thoughts and an optimistic attitude. 

This means taking time to appreciate all that life has to offer, from spending time with family, appreciating nature, or indulging in a hobby. Doing so allows us to experience life more fully and make every moment count regardless of our current circumstances.

“Order, Goofy, order!”
– Donald Duck
donald duck quotes
“Aw, I know who you’re thinking about!”
– Donald Duck
donald duck quotes
“Uncle Scrooge is rich. I’ll pay him back.”
– Donald Duck
Huey Duck: “Breathe, just breathe.”
– Donald Duck
“I’ve done nothing with my life! I’m a failure!”
– Donald Duck
“Awww, that never bothered you before.”
Scrooge McDuck
“Uncle Scrooge needs us, and we need him. Our family has been apart too long. It’s time for us to come together!”
– Donald Duck
“I promise we’ll never spend another Christmas apart.”
– Donald Duck
“Della won’t come out of her room.”
“Just say something wrong.”
– Donald Duck
“like just, factually incorrect.”
Did I just hear you say that the sun is a planet?
donald duck quotes
“Four dollars is very little money when you got ’em; but a heck of a lot of money when you ain’t got ’em…”
– Donald Duck
donald duck quotes

Four dollars may not seem like much, but it’s enough to provide a few meals or to purchase some basic necessities. When you have four dollars, it’s often easy to spend with relative carelessness; however, even something as small as a candy bar suddenly becomes a luxury item when you don’t have four dollars.

This quote reminds us that having and not having money can be vastly different experiences and give us insight into how our finances can affect our lives.

The message of this quote encourages us to think about money differently in order to appreciate its value more fully.

“Who me? Oh, no! I’ve got a belly ache!”
– Donald Duck
donald duck quotes
“I’ve had a bellyful of both you eternal fools! Year in, year out, you bring grief on yourselves all for the sake of getting rich, staying rich, or getting richer still! You’ll never be happy, because you always worry about what you’ll do next to complicate your own greedy lives!”
– Donald Duck
donald duck quotes
“I say go but you say stay,
You can’t tell me what to do,
Don’t understand a word I say,
So phooey, phooey, phooey on you.”
– Donald Duck
donald duck quotes
“Life is too short to be serious all the time, so if you can’t laugh at yourself then call me…I’ll laugh at you, for you.”
– Donald Duck
“Don’t get confused between my personality and my attitude… my personality is who I am, and my attitude depends on who you are.”
– Donald Duck
“Happiness is the richest thing we will ever own.”
– Donald Duck
“Inspiration for what we produce comes from reading, observing the world of humans around us and also the animal kingdom.”
– Donald Duck

15 Quotes From Celebrities About Donald Duck

Donald Duck is an iconic cartoon character beloved by millions of fans around the world. His popularity has invited some of the most famous celebrities to share their thoughts about him.

Many have expressed their admiration for Donald Duck, from actors and musicians to comedians and politicians. In this section, we take a look at some of the most interesting quotes from celebrities that relate to this popular cartoon character.

“Popularity should be no scale for the election of politicians. If it would depend on popularity, Donald Duck and The Muppets would take seats in senate.”
Orson Welles
“When Donald Duck traded his wings for arms, was he trading up or trading down?”
Douglas Coupland
“When I was nine years old I use to copy ( not trace ) the covers of the Donald Duck comics. Many years later I became a close friend of Jack Hannah, the director of the Donald Duck film shorts.”
William Jackson
“When I was little, we had a Golden Book that had all these Disney characters in one portrait on the first page. My dad used to read from it every night. We’d play this game of find Pluto or find Donald Duck. He’d read us stories and do all the voices. Those are great memories.”
Danica McKellar
“Throughout my teens, I just wanted to go somewhere I could wear a Donald Duck pin and no one would care.”
Paul Feig
“Human beings have a lot of problems identifying themselves with other human beings who don’t resemble them exactly. But there’s something about drawing that means that anyone can identify to a drawing. I mean, people can identify themselves with Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.”
Marjane Satrapi
“Disneyland’s a mess. And it’s not just the measles. Donald Duck has bird flu. Pocahontas has small pox. The Little Mermaid has crabs. And the Monorail? Mono.”
Bill Maher
donald duck quotes
“In retrospect I would say from Donald Duck I have learned more about life than from all the schools I ever attended.”
Gottfried Helnwein
donald duck quotes
“Three has always been tougher than Two. Think of any of your famous threesomes. The Three Stooges? Look at the anger there. My bet is that before Curly was born, Moe and Larry could play together for hours without even a single poke in the eye. Huey, Dewey, and Louie? Donald Duck never had a moment’s peace. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly? I rest my case.”
Paul Reiser
“Starstruck with one buck, your girl look like Donald Duck.”
Kool Keith
donald duck quotes
“The president is the president. And every American, regardless of who you voted for, if you voted for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Donald Duck, I don’t really care. We should all hope that the president does a good job, that he’s surrounded by wise counselors, that he advances U.S. interests.”
Benjamin E. Sasse
“Pixie and Dixie just did a drive by on Donald Duck, but they shot and missed and now Bugs Bunny is getting kind of pissed.”
donald duck quotes
“I still want to play music but I don’t want to look like Donald Duck while I’m doing it.”
Elton John
donald duck quotes
“Many quite popular films are filled with violence. I think the difference between those and my films is that I show the cause and effect of violent activity. It’s not a Donald Duck situation where he get a brick in the back of the head and gets up and walks away in the next frame. Mine have violence which keeps Donald Duck in the hospital for six months and creates a trauma which he will remember for the rest of his life.”
Peter Greenaway
“I am like a cartoon strip; I am like Donald Duck; everybody knows me in Italy.”
Roberto Benigni


What does Donald Duck suffer from?

Donald Duck has PTSD.

Who is Donald Duck’s wife?

Daisy Duck is the girlfriend of Donald Duck.

What is Donald Duck’s real name?

Donald Fauntleroy Duck

Is Donald Duck a villain?

However, unlike Daffy, Donald has never been villainous. While a hero, Donald can sometimes seem antagonistic.

Let’s Wind Up…

All of Donald Duck’s famous quotes have one thing in common: they are filled with humor, wit, and warmth. They provide us with valuable life lessons that can be applied to any situation. 

Whether you’re looking for a bit of comic relief or need some inspiration, Donald Duck’s quotes will surely bring a smile to your face. His quotes are timeless and will continue to bring joy for generations to come.