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46 Heartwarming Dog Mom Quotes that’ll Make You Paws in Awe

Being a dog mom is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. These furry creatures become our loyal companions, best friends, and family members. They bring joy, comfort, and love into our lives every single day. As a result, it’s no surprise that many dog moms feel an incredible amount of gratitude for their four-legged babies.

One way that dog moms express their love and appreciation for their pups is by sharing heartfelt quotes on social media or with fellow dog lovers. Dog mom quotes capture the unique bond between dogs and their human parents and reminds us just how special this relationship truly is.

About Dog Mom

As a dog mom, I understand the immense love and dedication that comes with raising a Hairy companion. From the moment we bring our pups home, they become part of our family and we strive to provide them with the best life possible. Being a dog mom means constantly putting their needs before our own. We wake up early for morning walks, clean up after them when they make messes, and spend countless hours training and playing with them.

But in return, we receive unwavering loyalty and unconditional love from our four-legged friends. Despite the challenges that come with being a dog mom, it is undoubtedly one of the most gratifying experiences. Watching your pup grow and thrive under your care is truly fulfilling and reminds us of the power of human-animal bonds. So to all my fellow dog moms out there – keep loving and caring for your furry companions because they are truly worth it!

Top Dog Mom Quotes

Dog moms are a special breed of mothers. They not only love and care for their canine babies, but they also understand the unique bond that exists between a dog and its owner. From puppyhood to old age, as dog moms know all too well, the love we have for our dogs is something truly special. In honor of all the amazing dog moms out there, we’ve compiled a list of the top dog mom quotes that perfectly capture the essence of this unique relationship. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the world of dog parenting, these quotes are sure to make you smile and remind you just how much your furry friend means to you.

“The dog is the perfect portrait subject. He doesn’t pose. He isn’t aware of the camera.”
– Patrick Demarchelier
dog mom quotes
“When an 85 pound mammal licks your tears away and then tries to sit on your lap, it’s hard to feel sad.”
– Kristan Higgins
dog mom quotes
“You know, a dog can snap you out of any kind of bad mood that you’re in faster than you can think of.”
– Jill Abramson
dog mom quotes

There’s no doubt that dogs are amazing creatures. They have the ability to bring joy and happiness into our lives like nothing else can. If you’re feeling down or stressed out, a dog can be just what you need to snap out of it. Whether it’s their wagging tail, their excited barks, or their unconditional love, dogs have a way of making everything better. Studies show that spending time with dogs can lower your stress levels and boost your mood.

When you pet a dog, your body releases oxytocin, a hormone that promotes feelings of relaxation and well-being. In fact, just looking at pictures of cute animals like puppies and kittens has been shown to reduce anxiety levels in people. Dogs also provide us with companionship and unconditional love. They don’t care about our flaws or imperfections; they just want to be by our side and make us happy.

“A dog is the only thing that can mend a crack in your broken heart.”
– Judy Desmond
dog mom quotes
“Fall in love with a dog, and in many ways, you enter a new orbit, a universe that features not just new colors but new rituals, new rules, a new way of experiencing attachment.”
– Caroline Knapp
dog mom quotes
“There’s just something about dogs that makes you feel good. You come home, they’re thrilled to see you. They’re good for the ego.”
– Janet Schnellman
“People have been asking me if I was going to have kids, and I had puppies instead.”
– Kate Jackson
“Dogs just need you and love, that’s all.”
– Jennifer Westfeldt
“It’s just the most amazing thing to love a dog, isn’t it? It makes our relationships with people seem as boring as a bowl of oatmeal.”
– John Grogan
“You’ll never get the dog that you want; you’ll always get the dog that you need.”
– Cesar Milan
“A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his.”
– Josh Grogan
“Everything I know, I learned from dogs.”
Nora Roberts, – ‘The Search’
“A dog is not ‘almost human and I know of no greater insult to the canine race than to describe it as such.”
– John Holmes
“The fidelity of a dog is a precious gift.”
– Konrad Lorenz
“To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring—it was peace.”
– Anne Raver
“Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and the dog would go in.”
– Mark Twain
dog mom quotes
“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”
– Orhan Pamuk
dog mom quotes
“It’s hard not to immediately fall in love with a dog who has a good sense of humor.”
– Kate DiCamillo
dog mom quotes
“Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses.”
– Elizabeth Taylor
dog mom quotes
“Be the person your dog thinks you are.”
– C.J. Frick
dog mom quotes
“All his life he tried to be a good person. Many times, however, he failed. For, after all, he was only human. He wasn’t a dog.”
– Charles M. Schulz
“No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does.”
– Christopher Morley
“Dogs are our link to paradise.”
– Milan Kundera
“I want to work like a dog, doing what I was born to do with joy and purpose. I want to play like a dog, with total, jolly abandon.”
– Oprah Winfrey
“The dog lives for the day, the hour, even the moment.”
– Robert Falcon Scott
“No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.”
– Louis Sabin

For many people, dogs are more than just pets—they are beloved family members that bring joy and companionship into their lives. No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog can make you feel rich in ways that cannot be measured by material wealth. Even when times are tough and money is tight, the unconditional love and loyalty of a furry friend can provide comfort and solace like nothing else.

Dogs have a way of making us appreciate the simple things in life. Whether it’s going for a walk in the park or snuggling up on the couch together, these moments of connection can be priceless. And while owning a dog does come with its share of expenses—food, vet bills, toys—it’s often worth it for the intangible benefits they bring to our lives.

“If you don’t own a dog, at least one, there may not necessarily be anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life.”
– Roger Caras
“If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”
– Will Rogers
“You can usually tell that a man is good if he has a dog who loves him.”
– W. Bruce Cameron
“Opening up your life to a dog who needs a home is one of the most fulfilling things you can do.”
– Emma Kenney
“Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day.”
– John Grogan
dog mom quotes
“Over the years I have felt the truest, purest love—the love of God, really, I imagine that’s what God’s love feels like—is the love that comes from your dog.”
– Oprah Winfrey
dog mom quotes
“The love of a dog is a pure thing. He gives you a trust which is total. You must not betray it.”
– Michel Houellebecq
dog mom quotes
“There is no faith which has never yet been broken, except that of a truly faithful dog.”
– Konrad Lorenz
dog mom quotes
“Before you get a dog, you can’t quite imagine what living with one might be like; afterward, you can’t imagine living any other way.”
– Caroline Knapp
dog mom quotes
“I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive.”
– Gilda Radner
“My little dog—a heartbeat at my feet.”
– Edith Wharton
“Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one is a life diminished.”
– Dean Koontz
“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”
– Groucho Marx
“Did you know that there are over 300 words for love in canine?”
– Gabriel Zevin
“Happiness is a warm puppy.”
– Charles M. Schulz
“Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.”
– Agnes Sligh Turnbull
“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
– Josh Billings

There’s no denying the fact that dogs have become man’s best friend. They are loyal, protective, and loving animals that bring endless joy to their owners’ lives. The bond between a dog and its owner is one of the most special relationships in the world. It’s no surprise that they are often referred to as “mans’ best friend.” Dogs have an innate ability to sense our emotions and respond accordingly.

They can tell when we’re happy, sad, or even scared. This connection allows them to provide comfort and support when we need it most, making them a constant source of love and affection in our lives. As pet owners, we must recognize the importance of this relationship and do everything in our power to keep our furry friends happy and healthy.

“My fashion philosophy is, if you’re not covered in dog hair, your life is empty.”
– Elayne Boosler
“I’ve seen a look in dogs’ eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt, and I am convinced that basically, dogs think humans are nuts.”
– John Steinbeck
“A dog will teach you, unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won’t be too bad.”
– Robert Wagner


What is a dog mommy?

An informal and affectionate term for a dog lover that identifies as female and believes that her pets are “fur kids”.

What is the role of a dog mom?

Planning your day-to-day life around your four-legged companion’s schedule.

What is a nickname for a dog mom?


Let’s Wind Up…

Dog moms truly are a special breed. They love their downy companions unconditionally and cherish the time spent with them. These dog mom quotes serve as a reminder of the bond between a mother and her pet, and the joy that comes from being a dog owner. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just want to appreciate your downy friend even more, these quotes are sure to put a smile on your face. So go ahead and hug your pup tight – because as any dog mom knows, there’s nothing quite like the love between a human and their four-legged best friend.