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23 Exceptional Daniel Caesar Quotes

If you’re into soulful R&B music, then you’ve definitely heard of Daniel Caesar. This Canadian singer and songwriter has taken the music world by storm in recent years with his emotionally powerful lyrics and vocals.

His songs are deeply personal and touch on issues that many people can relate to. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of Daniel Caesar’s best quotes. We’ll see what makes him such an exceptional artist and why his words resonate so strongly with listeners.

About Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar was born on April 5, 1995, as Ashton Dumar Norwill Simmonds he is from Toronto, Canada. He first gained recognition with his 2014 EP Praise Break, followed by Pilgrim’s Paradise released in 2015 which was nominated for a Juno Award (the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy).

His debut album Freudian was released in 2017 to critical acclaim. It won the Juno Award for Best R&B/Soul Recording of the Year and was nominated for a Grammy in the same category.

Caesar’s music is characterized by its smooth, soulful sound and intimate lyrics. His songs often deal with themes of love, heartbreak, and self-acceptance.

Here are the best Daniel Caesar Quotes

We are so excited to share some of our favorite Daniel Caesar quotes with you! We absolutely adore this artist, and we know you will too once you hear his music.

Daniel is unique in that he combines the soulful sounds of R&B with the poetic lyricism of hip-hop, creating a sound all his own. His lyrics are introspective and honest, making him one of the people’s favorite songwriters today.

If you’re not familiar with Daniel Caesar yet, then prepare to be blown away, These quotes will give you a little taste of what his music is all about. Enjoy!

1. “I wanted to free myself from worrying about trying to replicate Freudian. I don’t want to try and do the same thing again, because you can’t. It’s not possible. So I wanted to just veer and do what I felt like doing next.” – Daniel Caesar

Caesar spoke about his creative process and how he wanted to “veer” away from what he had done before on Freudian. He explained that he didn’t want to try and replicate the album because it was not possible and that he wanted to do something different.

This change in direction is evident in his new album, CASE STUDY 01, which features a more experimental sound and includes collaborations with artists like John Legend and Pharrell Williams. With this new album, Caesar has shown that he is not afraid to take risks and explore the new creative territory.

2.  “I sing to myself more than anything. I’m always chastising myself, telling myself to be better, or comforting myself.” – Daniel Caesar

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3. “I think every religion is founded with good intentions, but with any good thing, there’s a negative use for it.” – Daniel Caesar

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4. “Accomplishing things is great. But you don’t want to stand on top of the mountain by yourself. When you’ve got your friends with you, it makes it all feel amazing.” – Daniel Caesar

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Through this quote, Caesar explains the importance of collaboration and how it can make even the most difficult accomplishments feel amazing. “Accomplishing things is great,” he said. “But you don’t want to stand on top of the mountain by yourself.

When you’ve got your friends with you, it makes it all feel amazing.” Caesar has collaborated with a number of artists throughout his career, including Chance the Rapper, Daniel Daley, and H.E.R.

He says that the key to a successful collaboration is finding someone who shares your vision and who you can trust to contribute their own unique perspective. “You want to make sure that you’re on the same page,” he explained. “And then also just knowing that they’re going to bring their A-game.”

Collaboration can be difficult, but when it pays off, it can create something truly special. Daniel Caesar’s work is a perfect example of that.

5. “I’m trying to make music that feels good… Music that makes you feel something.”-Daniel Caesar

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Daniel Caesar’s overall mission as an artist is to create music that is not only enjoyable to listen to but also has the ability to touch people emotionally.

His songs are often very personal and vulnerable, which allows listeners to connect with him on a deep level.

6. “A lot of young men come up to me and I think they feel me because we’re all just trying to be good in a world that’s socially engineered to [make us feel] like we’re not.” – Daniel Caesar

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7. “Before I moved to the city I spent every Saturday sitting in church wishing I could be living on my own, doing what I wanted.” – Daniel Caesar

8. “Love songs are kind of like hymns if you think about it. Gospel songs are basically songs of adoration about God, or whatever you want to call Him.” – Daniel Caesar

Caesar makes an interesting observation about love songs. “Love songs are kind of like hymns if you think about it,” he said. “Gospel songs are basically songs of adoration about God, or whatever you want to call Him.”

It’s an insightful comparison that underscores the universality of love. Whether we’re singing about our romantic partners or our Higher Power, the emotions are fundamentally the same.

We feel vulnerable and exposed when we open ourselves up to love, but ultimately it is worth the risk because it fills us with an unparalleled sense of joy and wonder. Thanks, Daniel Caesar, for giving us something to think about the next time we blast “Love on Top” at full volume.

9. “I can do what I want when I want. I want to go to this place, I pick up and go. It’s nice. I’ve just never been inclined to do anything that’s too crazy. But I still have to work, you know. Some days I don’t feel like going to the studio. But I still have to.” – Daniel Caesar

10. “Vulnerability is strength.”-Daniel Caesar

Many people see vulnerability as a weakness, but Daniel Caesar sees it as a strength. He believes that being open and honest about your feelings can be a powerful thing.

His music often explores difficult topics like heartbreak and self-doubt, which takes a lot of courage.

11. “Real power is being able to take care of yourself. My job is to make art, but I aspire to do more than that.” – Daniel Caesar

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12. “If Freudian is for you and the rest of this stuff isn’t for you and you’re no longer a fan, then that’s OK. And if you like me even more, that’s OK, too.” – Daniel Caesar

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13. “There are a lot of things that are part of the music business that I’m very bad at. Organization, being on time – the stuff you need in order to function in the regular world.” – Daniel Caesar

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14. “You can’t reminisce too much. Because you’ve got to keep pushing forward, you know?” – Daniel Caesar

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When asked about his song “Get You”, which is about his grandmother. He replied with the quote, “You can’t reminisce too much. Because you’ve got to keep pushing forward, you know?”

To us, this quote is immensely powerful and resonates. It speaks to the idea that we should never dwell on the past too much because the way Daniel Caesar words it makes it sound like something very exciting is always happening in life and we should be looking forward to it instead of constantly living in regret or wallowing in what could have been.

Daniel Caesar’s music has always been incredibly personal and introspective, and this quote is a great example of that. It shows that he is constantly growing and evolving as an artist and that his songs will always be reflective of that.

15. “In music, you’re never right and you’re never wrong.” – Daniel Caesar

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16. “I want to make timeless music.”-Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar is not interested in making music that is only popular for a short period of time. He wants to create songs that will stand the test of time and be remembered long after he’s gone.

This is an admirable goal and one that few artists are able to achieve.

17. “I ended up having to leave home to make the music I wanted to make, and to find myself. As cliche as that sounds; I like to think I’m getting closer.” – Daniel Caesar

18. “The whole go up on stage and accept your award thing, that was one of the first times that ever happened to me. And it was validating. It made me feel like all those battles I chose to fight, those struggles, were all worth it.” – Daniel Caesar

19. “I was raised in an intensely religious household and I think the influence shows through my music.” – Daniel Caesar

Caesar opened up about his upbringing and how it influenced his music. “I was raised in an intensely religious household and I think the influence shows through my music,” he said.

“I’m constantly exploring spiritual themes in my songwriting and trying to find new ways to express them.” Caesar’s unique take on R&B has won him critical acclaim and a loyal fanbase, and it’s clear that his religious background has played a major role in shaping his sound.

As he continues to grow as an artist, there’s no doubt that Daniel Caesar will continue to explore themes of spirituality and faith in his music.

20. “I’m just trying to make music for people who feel like they’re weird.”-Daniel Caesar

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Many people feel like they don’t fit in or like they’re not good enough. Daniel Caesar wants to make music for these people.

He wants them to know that they’re not alone and that there is someone out there who understands them.

21. “These days, it’s more like me coming from playing a show and feeling the high from all the energies directed at me to feeling a bit weird when I go home to the place where people know me from before all that.” – Daniel Caesar

22. “My mom would say I’m a good kid… but I put them through a lot. I was rejecting religion and, not permanently, also kind of rejecting the things that they’d taught me, and just trying to think for myself.” – Daniel Caesar

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23. “People say things to hurt you personally throughout your whole life, and I’ve heard much worse things said about me.” – Daniel Caesar

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Caesar was asked about the personal nature of his lyrics and how he deals with hurtful comments from people. He responded by saying, “People say things to hurt you personally throughout your whole life, and I’ve heard much worse things said about me.”

Caesar went on to say that he uses music as a way to process his emotions and connect with others who have experienced similar pain. By speaking openly about his own struggles, Caesar provides listeners with a sense of comfort and understanding.

In a world that can be full of hurtful words, Daniel Caesar’s music is a reminder that we are not alone.

Let’s Wind Up…

These quotes give us a glimpse into the mind of an exceptional artist. Daniel Caesar is not only talented but also wise beyond his years. His words offer comfort and hope to many people who feel lost or misunderstood. If you haven’t heard of him yet, be sure to check out his music. You won’t be disappointed.

What do you think of Daniel Caesar? Do you have a favorite quote from him? Let us know in the comments below!